I'm going to be honest, as the bride, I am a bit jealous that our guests continue to compliment how fantastic Sir Duke of On The Beat was MORE than they've complimented how I looked on my wedding day. I am not exaggerating when I write that our guests cannot stop talking about how the band was a game changer and really brought energy and liveliness to our wedding party.



THE BAND KICKED A**!!! Although we expected talented and excellent musicians, they surpassed all of our expectations. The band literally MADE our party. Our guests couldn't stop commenting on how great the band was and how much fun they brought to the event. My husband and I are now trying to come up with excuses to have another party so we can hire On The Beat again!



It's hard to capture in words, the ambiance, the energy, the pure joy that Sir Duke emanated from the stage. It's on those rare occasions when our decision exceeds expectations that life seems to vibrate in harmony and sound and color are never quite as vibrant as in those moments. To say the band exceeded expectations is a vast understatement and perhaps the only way to comprehend their virtuosity is simply to make that decision and book them.